Our Products

Our extensive magnetic knowledge and applications expertise, together with over 25 years of industry experience, ensure us to supply our customers with a wide range of standard or custom magnetic transformers. We are now supported with a complete line of 50/60/400Hz magnetics, high frequency and high voltage magnetics, current transformers, magnetic cores. Our quality magnetic components are made according to the highest international standards and widely used in industrial, medical, railways, energy, military, telecommunications and etc.

We design, develop, and manufacture a broad range of transformer types in any quantity for a wide variety of uses.

  • toroidal transformers
  • laminated transformers
  • current transformers
  • high frequency transformers
  • switch mode transformers
  • isolation transformers
  • audio transformers
  • auto transformers
  • medical transformers
  • chassis or PCB mounting 
  • single and three phase
  • chokes and coils
  • inductors
  • magnetic cores
  • and many more...

If the catalog products can not satisfy you, please contact us to assist you in designing a custom magnetic component for your project.