How to custom-made design a toroidal transformer Tue, 04 Jul 2017 16:13:13 GMT

Toroidal transformers designed by Tianyi are widely used in medical equipment, control system, green energy, broadcasting system, telecommunications, audio equipment, home appliance, security monitoring equipment and etc. We have created hundreds of thousands of transformer cases for different industries and become the custom expert in the field of transformers for over 25 years.

In order to ensure that we can customize a suitable part to your requirement. Please provide below information for our reference.

  • +Application: our engineering team will recommend the perfect matched model to your usage. For example, toroidal transformers used in audio power amplifier are usually designed to fully encapsulated type cause it can help to eliminate the noise and magnetic-filed interference to the greatest degree. Medical toroidal transformers must be reinforced insulation to ensure safety.
  • +Frequency: it is a key factor to decide the size and weight of transformers, generally the frequency is higher, the size is smaller and the weight is lighter, currently we mainly offer design and manufacture in low frequency and medium frequency like 50/60/400Hz
  • +Pri / Sec Voltage: primary and secondary voltage need to be specified prior to design a toroidal transformer, and we can provide single/two/multi winding connections in both input and output sides.
  • +Power(VA): the installation method is up to power. We usually advise to use the center potting for toroidal transformer which its power is above 400VA. We are now producing custom toroidal transformers from 15VA to 10000VA.
  • +Temperature rise: it is the temperature of transformer core and winding coil (ambient temperature is not included) when transformer works. If your application require special temperature rise, our engineer will use the most suited core and wire to satisfy the needs.
  • +Safety standard: We currently possess the international certificate including UL1446 (file no. E475854), JET (file no. 7131-61003-1001), CE (EN61558-2-6) and etc.
  • +Size: if you require a limited outside diameter and height to match your installation. Please advise before we design a drawing.
  • +Mounting method: center potted installation, encapsulated in housing (plastic or metal), plate installation, L-bracket installation, pcb mounting are available.

If you need to know more about toroidal transformer, please send email to and our team will always give excellent service to support you.